DWPC Clubhouse

The Quest for Story at the Clubhouse

“Quest for Story”

11 a.m. BRUNCH

April 1 at the Clubhouse

If we aren’t writing about what makes our blood boil and our passion ignite— why are we writing at all? For Page Lambert, it is her relationship with the wild intelligence of the natural world, and her love of family, that fuel her writing. During this inspiring talk, Page will take us back to when she first began to understand that all human beings need to speak their truths.

Join Page for this deep dive into the quest for story and meaning and enjoy brunch with friends. $20 members/$25 friends.

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Apr 01 2023


11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Denver Woman's Press Club
Denver Woman's Press Club
1325 Logan St., Denver, CO 80203

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