Student Application 2020-2021

Please fill out the below information. If you would prefer to print and mail in the application, please use this form.

1. Applicant must be 18 years-old to apply.
2. Applicants must submit three samples of their work-in-progress, or one published work, or a 25 page sample if submitting a longer work such as a novel or non-fiction work.
3. Student applicants must provide proof of enrollment in an academic program.
4. Please list any writing classes or workshops you have taken (in school or otherwise); specify location/organization and teacher if possible:
Please attach a letter explaining why you seek student membership in the Denver Woman’s Press Club. Tell us how you learned about our organization, what you are hoping to gain from membership, and what you might contribute as a member.
Because the best way to make the most of your potential membership is to become involved, please indicate which of the following club activities would interest you (check all that apply):
*If you don’t know anyone in the club yet, just let us know—we’ll be happy to connect you with a sponsor and/or an endorser!
Please enclose a check or pay online covering the application fee.
Student Application Fee: $35, plus one-year membership fee of $35, a total check of $70 to be included with the application.
If an applicant is not accepted, the membership and application fee will be refunded.
(Renewal fee for student membership is $50 due by May 1 each year that student is a member.)
RELEASE FOR PUBLIC USE of photographs:
In order to continue, please check below indicating you agree with the statement.

Please send your completed application if hand printing, work samples, and check for both the application fee and dues to:  

Georgia Garnsey
DWPC Membership Chair
2339 Bellaire St, 
Denver, CO 80207

Questions? Please email Georgia Garnsey at or call her at 303.337-5125.