Thank You to Donors

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Dear DWPC Members and Friends,
I want to thank those of you who made a donation to the Denver Woman’s Press Club through Colorado Gives this year.  We appreciate everything that you have done for the club.
For those of you who have not yet made a donation to DWPC through Colorado Gives, we ask you to make a donation now. Your gift will help us maintain our wonderful historic home and offer literary programs throughout the year. Do consider making a donation or increasing your donation to help us come closer to last year’s amazing total.
You can make a gift to the DWPC any day of the year through Colorado Gives. Or you can send a check directly to DWPC Fundraising  at 1325 Logan Street, Denver CO 80208.
Making a donation now will help us get closer to last year’s record donation level.  Simply go to and type Denver Woman’s Press Club in the Search bar. Click DWPC and then click Donate.
Your support of the Denver Woman’s Press Club is greatly appreciated. If you have already made or increased your donation, we thank you so much.
Anne Randolph
Fundraising Committee Chair