Meet DWPC’s New Member – Juliana Adams!

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Juliana Adams has lived in Colorado for 40 years. She is a Registered Nurse and has worked in Germany and Holland and speaks German. Clinically she has worked in many ICU’s, ER’s, Community Health, doing research, and she started a company with a friend for seniors wishing to live at home. She has a BSN, MSN and MA in Psychology.

In 2015 she produced a documentary, Exposure, Reclaiming Nobility. In 2016 she retired from nursing to promote her book, The Joy of Nursing, Reclaiming Our Nobility (Steamboat Springs Publishers).

In the past year she has been travelling, doing speaking engagements and promoting her book. She will be going to Qatar in April of 2018 to speak on her book as they have utilized quotes and concepts from it to create their National Health Plan for Nursing.

Julie has been teaching English as a Second Language for three years. Her students come from primarily Korea, China, Mongolia and Russia. She is an active bridge player (having played with the same group of women for the last 12 years). She and her husband Bruce enjoy social gambling (“we are always looking for penny-poker games”) and travelling. She enjoys reading, cooking, quilting, working with fused glass, entertaining, being politically active and living also in Steamboat Springs “because I love every single season that we have here in Colorado, especially when I am up in the mountains.”

Released for 2016 National Nurses Week, “The Joy of Nursing: Reclaiming Our Nobility” reveals Juliana Adams’ journey from being a young, excited girl just starting out in her career to a woman feeling challenged to discover a deeper meaning of what being a nurse has embodied for centuries. Adams’ book is more than a memoir; it is the candid reflection of the search for what ultimately led her to the concept of nobility.

“impassioned view of the healing arts…where humanity meets visceral moments…advocacy, care and most essentially, love.” – Forward/Clarion 5 star rating: June 2016
August 2016 Best Health Book Award – USA Book Award for Health
American Journal of Nursing’s 2016 Management and Leadership Third Place Award!
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