Date(s) - 11/15/2014
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Denver Woman's Press Club


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Meet Dave Johnson, an elephant keeper at the Denver Zoo, who uses proceeds from his two children’s book to finance conservation trips to Nepal.

Dave Johnson has always loved animals. At the age of 5, he spent three days being an ostrich, strutting around and pecking food off the ground. Although he no longer pretends to be something that he is not, he has devoted his life to animals. If you have been to the Denver Zoo and seen the presentation of elephants, you have probably seen Dave, who works with Mimi and Dolly. He even has helped them paint by teaching them to spray paint from their trunks.

In October of 2014, he is using proceeds from his books to go to Nepal for a month to work on animal conservation. He has helped establish an orphanage for baby rhinos who have been separated from their mothers during the monsoons, assisted at a vet hospital that cares for lions and elephants, and provided motor bikes for rangers who use them to protect animals from poachers. The DWPC is fortunate to have Dave come to talk to us upon his return about his experiences at the zoo and in other countries. By “Writing for a Cause,” he uses proceeds from his two children’s book to finance his travels and his philanthropic efforts to save the animals.

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