Date(s) - 04/26/2018
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Denver Woman's Press Club


Public Event
Book signing with L.S. Gardiner: Tales from an Uncertain World
Thursday, April 26
6:00 –7:00 p.m.
DWPC Clubhouse
Free of charge; $5 donation gratefully accepted

So far, humanity hasn’t done very well in addressing the ongoing climate catastrophe. Veteran science educator L. S. Gardiner believes we can learn to do better by understanding how we’ve dealt with other types of environmental risks in the past and why we are dragging our feet in addressing this most urgent emergency. Weaving scientific facts and research together with humor and emotion, Gardiner explores human responses to earthquakes, fires, invasive species, volcanic eruptions and more in order to illuminate why we find it so challenging to deal with climate change. Instead of focusing on the economics and geopolitics of climate change, Tales from an Uncertain World brings large-scale disaster to a human scale, emphasizing the role of the individual.

L.S. Gardiner is the author of two children’s books about science. She works at the UCAR Center for Science Education and resides in Boulder.

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