Erika Walker wins the Haunted Typewriter Contest

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Thanks to all who entered the Haunted Typewriter Contest in October. The winner, Erika Walker, and frighteningly close runner-up Jane Cracraft were inspired to write wonderful speculations that earned them both Ghost tours of the Brown Palace.

In honor of the contest, and for your enjoyment we present Ericka’s poem below:

The Ghost Writer’s Lament

By Erika D. Walker

“Help me,” “help me,” “help me,”
the words appear each night,
in our attic, on the typewriter,
they describe her fearful plight.
She’d longed to be a writer
ever since she was a girl,
though fate conspired against her
and her talent she never unfurled.
Her life rolled on like thunder
but her talent she’d never befriend.
Children, career and distractions
consumed her to the end.
Once dead, she claimed her talent
and her ghostly imagination soared:
poetry, screenplays and novels
poured forth from her — and more.
Yet something was missing, she knew it.
Being a ghost writer wasn’t enough.
She wanted readers to discover her writing,
to find her books, no matter how tough.
And so she came to the Press Club,
knowing kindred spirits she’d find,
to help her words reach an audience
and give her peace of mind.
Each night she haunts our attic,
and types her humble request,
confident that soon her work will be published,
then at last, she’ll find eternal rest.
So listen, all you writers,
take a lesson from this tale:
serve your talents now — or later,
you’ll be haunting from beyond the veil.