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New Book by Kaye Bache-Snyder

September 10, 2014 in News by webmaster

Kaye Bache-Snyder, Ph.D., has released Toledo 1942:We Were There Yesterday. It explores the effects of World War II on a working class family and a neighborhood in northern Ohio, where Kaye grew up. The war created a national paranoia through air raid practices and the rationing of food and fuel. The book is both historical [read more]

Scholarship Winners Announced

August 3, 2014 in News by webmaster

Congratulations to four talented young women who are winners of DWPC’s annual writing scholarship awards. Meet them at the Garden Party on August 14th. Stephanie Lynne Couey, an MFA student of creative writing at the University of Colorado Boulder, will receive the Ruth Murray Underhill Award for 2014. Valerie Buccio, a student at the Univeristy [read more]

2014 In-House Writers’ Contest Winners Announced

May 20, 2014 in News by Lydia Rueger

 Congratulations to the winners of our 2014 In-House Writers’ Contest. Read the winning entries here.  All winners were honored at a reception at the clubhouse on Saturday, May 17. The contest was open to DWPC members, who had the choice of entering five categories, including: First Line, Visual Prompt, Greeting Card, Nonfiction Lede, and A Woman’s Work [read more]

Past Presidents

Past DWPC presidents don their tiaras at the annual Jewelry Sale fundraiser.

Ruth Underhill's Acquaintances

Barbara Benedict, Dena Mann, Chris Citron, and Jody Glittenberg knew Dr. Underhill

Steve Nash of DMNS

Steve Nash described Ruth Underhill's difficult relationship with her parents

Dena Mann, guest of Kim Field, at Undehill program 9/15/2014

Ruth Underhill made a strong impression on Dena Mann

Amelia Wagner portrayed Ruth Underhill

Amelia Wagner reads from Ruth Underhill's memoir

Upcoming Events
3:00 PM

Salon - Deep Mapping Your Story

at Denver Woman's Press Club,

Sunday, 3-4:30 PM
Free and open to the public.

Page Lambert will lead a discussion about “deep mapping,” or going beyond the place and time of a story to weave in autobiography, archeology, stories, memories, folklore, traces, reportage, weather, interviews, natural history, science, and intuition. To deep map your story means to unearth, layer by layer, the memories held in the heart of the land where your story takes place.

[read more]

6:30 PM

"Justice for Bonnie": Keeping a Tough Subject in the Public Eye

at Denver Woman's Press Club,

Tuesday; Free and open to the public.

State Troopers in Alaska told Karen Foster her 18-year-old daughter, Bonnie, died in a hiking accident, but evidence soon proved it was murder. It would take 17 years to convict the killer. Foster was determined to make meaning of Bonnie’s death, so she used her media savvy as a reporter in Alaska and Texas to keep the cold case in the public eye.

[read more]

6:00 PM

Dinner - Penny and Red: The Challenges of Portraying Family

at Denver Woman's Press Club,

MONDAY DINNER – members and guests only; reserve before noon Oct 3.
Hilary DePolo –

Making a film about his mother meant deciding what to include in a story that is also his own. John Tweedy will show his documentary film, Penny and Red: The Life of Secretariat’s Owner, a profile of the amazing woman who transformed herself from Denver housewife into “The First Lady of Racing.” Her personal story exemplifies the rise of women of her generation. Based on a series of intimate conversations, the film is a stunningly honest account of Penny’s life, made poignant by her unsparing self-reflection. 

[read more]